About Me

Boy, if you’re on this page then you must have quite a lot of questions! Or a lot of time on your hands. I’ll take it either way.

My name is Ben Matlock. I’m another horrible person in need of personal blog in order to write whatever brain vomit I feel compelled to spew. All of such posts I shall pretend to put no effort into, while faking the hope that nobody bothers to read any of my dribble. In actuality, the possibility that somebody might actually read anything I write is embarrassingly exciting to me. The fact that you’re even reading the “About” page is a really cool moment between us.

I promise to read way too much into this moment, and others like them, as our relationship goes forward.


Benjamus Gregorious “Notorious” Mattookus

P.S. I’m an editor and podcast co-host for the gaming site NJoystic. And you would be a peach to go there and check out our content.

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